My Current Progress

This is just an update blog. I just finished my 6th edit/revision of my first novel, The Ashes of Kinstone. It is book one of The Wishing House Series. I plan to make this series a four book set, and I even have the title names for them all (which will remain in secret). After […]

What is a synopsis?

Do you know what a synopsis is? Is it a blurb? A hook? A brief summary? No, no, and no. The differences can be quite confusing. A synopsis is your entire story condensed into one page. Yes, that’s right. My story is around 130,000 words. It is a jaw dropping idea. A synopsis is your […]

How to become a better writer.

There is this constant question going on between writers: How do I become a better writer? The answer is quite simple. Read, write, and be active in writing communities. Reading is a major part of your success as a writer. Usually, when becoming a writer, you follow the genre that you read. Read and read […]

Grammar #1: How to use an apostrophe.

Using an apostrophe It seems to me that misusing an apostrophe has become a new fad. Especially when it comes to singular-possesive words that end in s. Here, I will explain the proper usage of possesive singular and plural words. The rules do not change People are constantly confused when using possesive singular words that […]

Statistic by Tiffany Politte

Death is easy It’s life that is hard. Bruised and broken I’m standing on the edge I’m ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. Your loving touch turned to the violent hands that left me this way. There is nothing left of me. An empty shell that once housed a strong spirit. A hollow […]

It is your world!

To fiction writers and others who can benefit, your story is your world. You can do and say whatever pleases you. I encourage the average fiction writer to write out of the box. Doing so will make you more original and unique. It may seem hard at first to write out of your comfort zone, […]