My Novel: An Introduction!

As my new journey through marketing myself as an author, I have found that it is time to share with you all, what my story is about. As you all should know, it is called The Ashes of Kinstone, part one of four in The Wishing House Series. It is a young adult fantasy-fiction, at a daunting 130,000 word count.

The Hook:

Griffin Eugene Everson was a wishful thirteen-year-old boy who constantly sought adventure. However, the only adventure Griffin could get was from his favorite fictional stories. Being stuck in foster care for as long as he could remember, Griffin had always dreamed about being in a different reality. Living with the Bentleys for the past twelve months made sure that dream would never come true.

In the light of tragedy, Griffin was immediately removed from the home and even foster care itself. Griffin’s caseworker informed him he was being sent to an orphanage for the remainder of his childhood. He was left with a peculiar man named Conrad Levinski. He was the headmaster of the orphanage called “The Wishing House.” Mr. Levinski began revealing information to Griffin about which he had only dreamed before.

Conrad Levinski was a magician. Not the deceitful sort seen on television luring the gullible into ruses, but a real magician who could wield real elemental magic. The discovery of magic led to Griffin learning a secret that unlocked multiple magical realms apart from his own world. As Griffin finds these realms within the Wishing House, he learned that they were under attack by an evil magician named Morreen. Her first attack was in Kinstone.

The land of Kinstone is a world made of four connecting biomes: the forest land, the jungle land, the winter land, and the savanna land. Kinstone is co-inhabited by self-preserving animals of all kind, until Morreen’s corruption began to seep within them. Along with the malicious corruption, a magic fire had spread through the jungle and forest biomes, turning everything into ash in its wake. Griffin and his friends traverse to the world of Kinstone on a quest to mend the hearts of the corrupted and put out the magical fire by finding the legendary water birds, the Aquaaves.

If this doesn’t get you excited for The Ashes of Kinstone, then I don’t know what will. I hope you enjoy just this tidbit, as there will be much more to come.

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