Grammar #1: How to use an apostrophe.

Using an apostrophe

It seems to me that misusing an apostrophe has become a new fad. Especially when it comes to singular-possesive words that end in s.

Here, I will explain the proper usage of possesive singular and plural words.

The rules do not change

People are constantly confused when using possesive singular words that end in s. The rules do not change. When a word is possesive and singular, you always add an apostrophe s (‘s).


James’ truck is gray.

-This is the wrong usage, unless there are more than one person named James with gray trucks about which you are speaking.

If you are speaking about one James, who has a gray truck, then it should look like this:

James’s truck is gray. (Possesive-singular) The rules do not change.

David’s truck is red. (Possesive-singular)

-One last example

There was a litter of dogs eating. The dogs’ food bowls were getting ready. One dog was named Gus. Gus’s impatience annoyed the other dogs.

I hope this short article is helpful to those whom may be confused. This is just the first of many grammatical tips I will share.

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