How to become a better writer.

There is this constant question going on between writers: How do I become a better writer? The answer is quite simple. Read, write, and be active in writing communities.

Reading is a major part of your success as a writer. Usually, when becoming a writer, you follow the genre that you read. Read and read and re-read your favorite books, and then try new authors. Find a writing style that fits you. I know my style is a combination of a few authors I admire. If you pay attention enough to what you read, you can learn how to write vivid characters and settings, learn new words and how to use them, and engage with your audience.

The second objective to becoming a better writer is to, of course, write. This is where you can imitate your favorite authors, of course, making it your own. It matters naught of how bad or good your writing is–just write it out. The more you write, the better you’ll get.

Lastly, I certainly recommend joining a writers’ community. Either it be local or online, both will serve you with successful results. This is your opportunity to grow a following, connect with other writers and learn from their experience, and collect an ample amount of constructive feedback. Joining such a community will also help you get out of your writer’s hole (comfort zone). I benefit from groups daily.

I hope this is helpful! Thank you for tuning in again. Make sure to follow me below!

Stay tuned as I will be doing my first book review (series) on the Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan.

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