What is a synopsis?

Do you know what a synopsis is? Is it a blurb? A hook? A brief summary? No, no, and no.

The differences can be quite confusing. A synopsis is your entire story condensed into one page. Yes, that’s right. My story is around 130,000 words. It is a jaw dropping idea.

A synopsis is your beginning, middle, and end, all in 300 words or less. And it has to have your narrative arc. Including the ending in your synopsis is paramount. This one thing sets the synopsis apart from summaries and hooks.

Not knowing the parts to a synopsis can be a defining line between you and someone who wants to take on your work (publishers and agents). Agents expect a writer to know what is required of them to submit their stories to such agencies, and when the agents don’t get a complete synopsis, they don’t even bother with your work.

The biggest issue with writing a synopsis is not including your ending. Make sure you do not leave anything out. Agents and publishers are going to represent your work, therefore, they need to know the ending.

Remember, if your synopsis does not have the ending in it, it is just a simple summary.

I hope this helps somebody out there! For more help, tips, and blogs from my perspective, follow me!



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