My Current Progress

This is just an update blog. I just finished my 6th edit/revision of my first novel, The Ashes of Kinstone. It is book one of The Wishing House Series. I plan to make this series a four book set, and I even have the title names for them all (which will remain in secret).

After my last read-through, I was happy with what I accomplished. It was nice and polished without nitpicking at everything. I was done! Until I got my latest rejection from a literary agent. So far, I have been rejected 10 times. Yes, 10! However, they were all form rejections, except for number 10.

I received a personal rejection from Talcott Notch Literary Agency. Authors who have been through the querying process know that personalized rejections are rare. Usually, you receive a from rejection with no critical feedback. This agency gave me tons of feedback about my first chapter. Helpful tips I never even realized needed to be changed.

The greatest feedback they gave me was I was telling the story more than showing. For example, instead of saying, “He is a afraid of the storm,” I could say, “The crackling of the lightning sent shivers down his spine.” This is just one small example (not even in my book).

I have also started the second book in the series. I am a couple chapters in. The quote below is the opening line. I hope you like the small teaser!

So, this is where I am at. I decided to stop sending query letters to agencies, and revise my work, yet again. I truly believe if I fix the major points I received with the one personal rejection, it could turn the tables for me. Which is quite exciting!

For those who follow me on wordpress, you have not seen my book cover art. I have uploaded it as the cover photo of this blog. It is NOT the official book cover of my novel.

As always, thank you for tuning in, and don’t forget to follow me!


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