Statistic by Tiffany Politte

Death is easy It’s life that is hard. Bruised and broken I’m standing on the edge I’m ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. Your loving touch turned to the violent hands that left me this way. There is nothing left of me. An empty shell that once housed a strong spirit. A hollow […]

It is your world!

To fiction writers and others who can benefit, your story is your world. You can do and say whatever pleases you. I encourage the average fiction writer to write out of the box. Doing so will make you more original and unique. It may seem hard at first to write out of your comfort zone, […]

Painting Your Picture

Fellow writers, remember that your readers are blind, deaf, can’t smell, touch, or understand the worlds you create. They’re in a void, helpless. It’s up to you to give them sight so they may see what you’ve created. Be descriptive. Don’t tell the reader what’s happening, guide them to it. Have them hear the background […]

Authors, Know Your Ending!

Before continuing, let it be known that everything that is written here is my own opinion. I hope we all can mutually learn from different perspectives. Take from this what you will. -J.T. Osborne Where do we start when thinking out a story. Is it too easy to say from the beginning? In order to […]

Blogging for a Reason

Hello, my name is James Ty Osborne. My pen name is J.T. Osborne, but everyone just calls me Ty. WHO AM I? I am a writer, author, editor, grammar enthusiast, an avid reader, a husband, and a father. I have a love for storytelling and preserving language. I have a bachelor’s degree in English and […]