National Novel Writing Month! A writing challenge for the month of November. For the past couple of years, I have thought about taking on this daunting challenge. I’m suppose to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. One month! That is a whopping almost 1,700 words per day. I am going to do it! […]

Graduate School

It has been 6 days since my last blog post. This is due to a busy schedule. For all who didn’t know, I am currently in the first term of grad school. I attend the Southern New Hampshire University-online. I earned my bachelor’s degree here in English and Creative Writing, and I am pursuing the […]

What is a synopsis?

Do you know what a synopsis is? Is it a blurb? A hook? A brief summary? No, no, and no. The differences can be quite confusing. A synopsis is your entire story condensed into one page. Yes, that’s right. My story is around 130,000 words. It is a jaw dropping idea. A synopsis is your […]

How to become a better writer.

There is this constant question going on between writers: How do I become a better writer? The answer is quite simple. Read, write, and be active in writing communities. Reading is a major part of your success as a writer. Usually, when becoming a writer, you follow the genre that you read. Read and read […]

Grammar #1: How to use an apostrophe.

Using an apostrophe It seems to me that misusing an apostrophe has become a new fad. Especially when it comes to singular-possesive words that end in s. Here, I will explain the proper usage of possesive singular and plural words. The rules do not change People are constantly confused when using possesive singular words that […]

Painting Your Picture

Fellow writers, remember that your readers are blind, deaf, can’t smell, touch, or understand the worlds you create. They’re in a void, helpless. It’s up to you to give them sight so they may see what you’ve created. Be descriptive. Don’t tell the reader what’s happening, guide them to it. Have them hear the background […]

Authors, Know Your Ending!

Before continuing, let it be known that everything that is written here is my own opinion. I hope we all can mutually learn from different perspectives. Take from this what you will. -J.T. Osborne Where do we start when thinking out a story. Is it too easy to say from the beginning? In order to […]